Daily Tarot: April 8, 2020

ROUND 1: Fight! Today, Silence is not an option. Financial and emotional vampirism is at the root of disappointments today and we are guidance to get cutthroat defense of truth and security.

CONSCIOUS: Knight of Swords
UNCONSCIOUS: King of Pentacles (reversed)
ADVICE: The High Priestess (reversed)
OUTCOME: 2 of Pentacles (reversed)
Additional Info: The Star

Speak so you can hold your peace… Today we have epipganies arriving, some in the forn of cold & had truths. Many of us will be initiating exchanges where getting to the truth is the goal. Make sure you clarify for yourself what you are truly wishing for the world to understand about you & your perceptions as what you say now may invite opposition or conflict. Beneath it all is the sense that those acting in their own self interest who justify maniplating, thwarting,, or directly harming others are succeeding in their machinations. However the truth defends itself.

The guidance today is to speak what you know to be true, fearlessly, clearly, & without apology to all you meet. We manifest balance in the material by way of balanced mental exchange. Healing and fulfillment can be had today when we work to restore our faith in our own insights. Yes!

G’day all

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