Daily Tarot: April 9, 2020

I want to count how many times this week I’ve said “Cut that shit out” but the week’s not over yet.🙄 The cards for today are echoing that sentiment so I will just follow along.🧐

CONSCIOUS: Page of Swords (reversed)
UNCONSCIOUS: Queen of Swords
ADVICE: 3 of Swords
OUTCOME: Knight of Swords (reversed)
Additional Info: The Moon & 2 of Swords (reversed)

4 card General Tarot spread using Tarot Nefertari

Today, our observations and information gathering have led to some painful truths that need processing from a detached and ruthlessly honest perspective. Commit to seeing things as they are. Success comes from attention to detail and honest communication. Under the surface our pain is enlightening us to where our boundaries are, what energy we need to separate from, & strategies to improve our emotional intelligence and communications.

Observe. Process. Detach. Strategize. Inplement. Review. Repeat. We come out of this rather cutting energy by going bravely exploring our hurt with a focus on what there is to learn. Our healing today depends upon our willingness to face and release those pains we hold onto and identify with. Be vulnerable with your self. Make a conscious decision to align with your joy.

G’Day all. 🧿-kOri

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