Daily Tarot: April 14, 2020

The cards for April 14, 2020 show a preference for building connections that support our well being and allowing ourselves to go through the healing process that attracting and maintaining healthy bonds requires.

CONSCIOUS: 5 of Pentacles
UNCONSCIOUS: Ace Of Cups (reversed)
ADVICE: Page Of Cups
Additional Info: 9 of Wands (reversed)

#NoteToSelf 😶
The pulls for today are clear. We are recovering and repositioning ourselves in our current circumstances so that we can flourish alongside those who support is when the going is tough. Abundance is coming. Receiving it may require we slow down on the Twin Flame readings and focus on our Shadow Work. They’ll get to you when you’re done.

Our fears and mistakes surrounding love and vulnerability were our teachers. It’s time to heal and courageously speak from your ❤. Allow your daydreams, intuitive messages, and emotional awareness to inform actions and communications. You’ll find that when your expression reflects your highest expectations, your Ancestoral and Universal energies conspires to meet them. Who and what enters your life in this state will fuel your growth and healing and fill your life with love. But you must do it for you first

So GO.

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