Daily Tarot: April 17, 2020

The cards today speak of productive silence. How we logicaly process and synthesize new truth determines our speed and distance as we make mindful decisions in the interest of forward movement. Be still. Look deeper into your feelings before detaching. Demand truth, first from yourself.

CONSCIOUS 2 of Wands UNCONSCIOUS 4 of Swords ADVICE 3 of Wands (reversed) OUTCOME Queen of Swords Additional Info Ace of Cups (The Devil reversed)

Great rising, all. The #tarot reflects it too.😄 We awake eager for more, ready to make plans, implement and exoand. Blockages and attachments have and are being addressed and ideas are gestating that promise additional clarity and progress. Even better, it seems we as a collective are generally setting into the idea of our safe zones and work areas being conjoined.

Today, we are invited to let our imaginations run wild fleshing out ideas that heal, inspire, and secure us. We’ll find that truth finds it way to us when we are clarify what we want, detach from what distracts us, and have dedicated ourselves to the creation of a workable plan for living successful lives as we define that individually. Indeed, even our emotional bonds are bettered by the pursuit of our dreams.


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