Daily Tarot: April 20, 2020

The cards for today paint a distinct image to me that I feel compelled to share. Someone is looking out from the center of a cloud (as if from a plane) and recognizing the danger inherent in lost vision/visibility, the risk inherent in embracing uncertainty. They know they are ‘in the cloud’ but they cannot see the cloud itself.

CONSCIOUS The High Priestess (reversed)
UNCONSCIOUS King of Swords (reversed)
ADVICE The Star (reversed)
OUTCOME 9 of Pentacles
Additional Info The Moon

Today, our intuition is alerting us that everything is not as it seems, but may not be informing about what is actually occurring. Miscommunication, intentional & accidental is playing a part in a lingering sense of illusion. Someone maybe spreading mistruth that was presented to them as the reality. There is certainly a ton of misinformation creating the potential for great danger these days. 😒Remember, the most believable lie is the one that holds a seed of truth. 💡The totality of it may be hidden in plain sight but active pursuit poses conflict/danger as well. Keen observation and and self awareness best serve to help us discern the impact of external events and circumstances on our own trajectory.😎

The guidance today is to renew your faith in your self, allow time for healing and renewal. Be mindful of yourself talk as it directly impacts your experience of relationships and the material world. Taking time to explore self worth and personal aspirations and to realign with them energetically brings earned self-satisfaction and deeper connections to the physical world around us.

G’Day All 🙂

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