Daily Tarot: April 21, 2020

The cards for Tuesday depict the end of major cycles occurring by way of our surrender. Remember acceptance is also an action that may lead to manifestation. The word of the day is “ALLOWANCE”😌

CONSCIOUS 3 of Pentacles (reversed) UNCONSCIOUS The World ADVICE Ace of Wands (reversed) OUTCOME Queen of Cups Additional Info 3 of Wands

Today, many may find it frustrating to work with or around those closest to us. Our goals may not be the same or incompatibility is getting in the way of forward movement and establishing security & stability. Some old collaborations are ending, some simply not getting off the ground. However, most of us are ready mentally and emotionally to align our outer environments with the new levels we’ve reached mentally and emotionally. We don’t mind doing the work and letting our soul tribes find us and this attitude is the best one to co-create authentic bonds alondside the Universe. KEEP GOING!!!
Our attention is focused on creative progress and personal evolution regardless of external circumstances and this ensures progress. Asé!🙏🏾

The guidance in the #tarot is to pause before starting off on your new cycle to release the enrgies of old and regain control of your emotional bodies. We’ll find healing in stillness, calm in the pause between then and now, love in the face of fear.

G’day all.🧿


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