Daily Tarot: April 22, 2020 (Taurus New Moon)

Happy New Moon Day 🌑 Lovelies!🙋🏾‍♀️

The daily tarot for April 22, 2020 (444) is a clear and cohesive collection with a straightforward message with results expected and its guidance is that we adopt and keep that same energy. 🤺

CONSCIOUS 3 of Wands

UNCONSCIOUS 6 of Cups (reversed) 

ADVICE Queen Of Swords

OUTCOME 4 of Swords (reversed) 

Additional Info The Hierophant

Our creative plans and careful steps have led us to the fruition of ideas and practical goals in real time. Despite being limited in our physical movements, our minds are clearing and rest has done most of us much good. These days, what’s truly important to hold on to is being made clear to us. Whether this applies to habits, relationships, goals or paths for personal growth, it seems the collective priority is what else needs be cleared from our energies in order to make space for our intentions to become our traditions?🤔 Are we becoming the type of people who can successfully maintain the lives we’re now dreaming into reality?

The past no longer has any hold on us. Its obvious nothing will be quite the same, but as a collective we are still redefining what our society will look like as a whole in the future and how we wish to participate in the renovation. The guidance is the cards is to pay attention to what is occurring and seek to make sense of the messages you receive so that you may grow regardless. Speak your truth where it is valued and cut through any illusions you encounter within and without. You’ll find your own power enhanced by your dedication to healing, integrity, and assertiveness.

Great Rising, All🧿


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