Daily Tarot: April 27, 2020

The cards for today are reminding us to prioritize joy, practice gratitude, and center ourselves in love. Love that transcends fear, Love that energizes us, Love that protects… We are able to put down our weapons and open our arms when we recognize love in all its forms and align.

Tarot Nefertari by Lo Sacarebo

CONSCIOUS 10 of Pentacles
UNCONSCIOUS Knight of Cups
ADVICE 6 of Cups
OUTCOME 7 of Wands (reversed)
Additional Info 8 of Pentacles (reversed)

We arrive on this day feeling secure in ourselves and satisfied with the growth and comraderie around us. Resources are in abundance and expected to multiply. Having learned practicality, we can now recognize and participate in the manifestation of our own wealth. Consistent discernment in the company we keep has attracted loyal and accountable connections to us. Yesssssssssssss🥰 Today, it is easy to move and speak with compassion, to heal ourselves, to forgive.

The guidance as suggested by the advice position is to open our hearts and allow authentic connections to build around us. Let’s look deeply at the bonds that fulfill us, whether past or present, and explore what and whome we still hold dear. Then, show them in their language just how much your care. What you’ll find, when you invest in those who love you through actions, is a safe space where you too may let down your guard and receive.

🧿Great Rising, all.

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