Daily Tarot: April 28, 2020

The cards for today are all about allowing time for healing, for regeneration, redefinition, and release. This Tuesday, we sit with our transforming selves.

CONSCIOUS Page of Cups
ADVICE 8 of Pentacles (reversed)
OUTCOME The Devil (reversed)
Additional Info 7 of Pentacles

This morning, more than a few of us awoke in the deep of our own feelings. We’ve been thrown into the pool head first and our experiences today will serve as lessons. Emotional Intelligence 1.0.
Many will learn about and practice forgiveness, self-healing, hear about shadow and parts work, delve into our own subconscious. We’ve got time. The current world events and their impact on our individual circumstances has brought up feelings some haven’t experienced in ages and we’re encouraged by the cards to accept the depths and even to explore them.

Put down your arms, break from your tasks, practice rest as responsibility. It’s a beautiful day for peaceful self-reflection and healing from that which binds us. Allow this moment of pause to linger until you’ve let go of that which you feel tied to or limited by. Tomorrow will come when it’s due.

Have a calm rest of the day, lovelies.🧿

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