Daily Tarot: April 29, 2020

We pulled a bunch of humdrum for today and it looks like wading in our own waters as indicated yesterday has us feeling a little washed up. Let’s get it back together, folks💪🏾

CONSCIOUS 5 of Pentacles
ADVICE Knight of Cups (reversed)
OUTCOME Queen of Pentacles (reversed)
Additional Info 8 of Wands

Many of us woke up this morning feeling less than and focused on lack. Why? Everything in the Universe is born from within YOU. Let’s start by asking ourselves if something is really missing or have we continually tried to align with that which doesn’t reflect our limitless worth???🤔🙄 Because the subliminal influence today is illusion itself. When starting and practicing shadow work, it is important to remember not to define yourself by what you discover about yourself for better or for worse. We’re exploring in the interest of integration not self punishment.

Disillusionment is normal when first embarking on any spiritual path as we grow more discerning, but it does not serve to get stuck there. The cards guidance for #humpday is to detach from and observe feelings of rejection, resentment, or cycles that seem to be repeating themselves as you attempt to heal.  It may take time for us to re-ground after we dig up our own shit, but what we’ll find on the other side of the heavy loads so many of us carry is light growing within us again. Regeneration picks up speed when we allow that which no longer nurtures us to die off.

G’ day all!

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