Hiatus Healthy

Hello my lovlies. Im back!😁🙃😁

It’s not for nothing that I’ve been absent from regular postings. I followed my instinct to pull back after a series of synchronicities and small events enlightend me to the fact that a group of people are presenting my content as their own. In the past it would’ve upset me that someone with a better knack for public relations is benefiting from my creative work, but now I’m just glad for the reminders of the breadth and value of my skills, talent, & personality. It’s also an opportunity to learn how I might better market and protect my own work. Shadow Works. 😏

As retrogrades would have it, I had already begun revaluating my content and intention for this blog and reorienting myself toward a more effective plan for helping people and authentically expressing myself. Aligning my actions with my intentions, and the needs/ desires of my targeted audience has been a rather disconcerting process but as we are in the thick of the retrogrades now, I feel a little more at home. (My 6 natal Rx placements means my comfort zone is essentially in the thick of self reflection.)

As June rolls in I will be restarting the Daily Tarot, New & Full Moon Readings and new content surrounding Astrology, Divination, and other spiritual topics as my intuition and synchronicities suggest. BI-Weekly readings will also be back up on AstreauxBytch-YouTube starting June 1, 2020. For those of you who have been following the blog a while, THANKS A BUNCH for sticking it out. I can’t wait to connect with you all and hope that you continue to benefit in someway from this site. Catch Y’all on the flip side🤪

❤ 🧿 kOri

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