Daily Tarot: June 20-21, 2020

The “Night Sun Tarot” by Fabio Listrani

Saturday, June 20

This is a slow day, much of our energy seems to be wrapped up in emotional bonds and attachment to comfort zones. Consider how the things you hold onto limit your ability to manifest that which you set your intention to create. How do your experiences around emotional fulfillment and growth align with your current values? Because the collective is faced with a dilemma this morning. We have all necessary tools to manifest. However, the inability or unwillingness to separate mental and emotional bodies from things and people more in tune with past versions of us is hindering the effectiveness of our efforts, draining our reserves, blocking our vision. Be sure that what you give to today, grows you and reflects your highest expectations of self and spirit.

Sunday, June 21

Our willingness to work with available resources to meet needs and create new ones brings great change. Practicality, discerment, and the willingness to persevere despite any sense of lack or ire serves a purpose today. We are witnessing the collapse of mindsets and systems that support the oppression and destruction of people’s civil rights and personal power. As this takes place, many are experiencing the break down of their own faulty foundations mentally, spiritually, and materially. The time has come to apply our energy toward rebuilding on stronger ground, with more honest intentions, and without harm to the earth and its other inhabitants. An awakening takes place this day. Collectively, we’re moved towards choices more fitting with the natural cycles, aligning first ourselves and then our environment, so we can hop on the enlightenment train and go.

Love, Peace, & Clarity to all of yous🙂


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