Daily Tarot: June 24, 2020

The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani

Happy Hump Day!

Today, we are keenly aware of what is lacking. Crumbling foundations surround us but there is also much to build with. Are you placing your energy where there is potential for growth or obvious signs of destruction and? Most of us are still enthusiastic about taking on new versions of ourselves that bring us closer to manifestation despite external influences. 🙏🏾 The daily tarot for June 24 suggests that material circumstances are disappointing or difficult to direct today and some bonds may struggle to find stable footing. Let’s start by doing the work to feel safe inside ourselves. It’s Mercury Day and with the planet of communication, mechanics, electronics, siblings, and travel retrograde in Cancer, how we choose speak to & conduct ourselves, engage with our environments and process information available coming to us should already be under reevaluation. More specifically, how we engage these parts of ourselves when our emotions are in flux needs special review. Take heed that your practical responsibilities and self care remain in focus regardless of your feelings during #MercuryRetrograde #MercuryInCancer

Make it a positive & productive day regardless, folks✊🏿


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