Daily Tarot: June 27, 2020

The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani

Today, those of the collective taking the time to go within and self-reflect as the tarot, doctors, and astrology have been suggesting🙄 are manifesting a stable and secure balance. That between self & other, work & play, what is & the potential for more and better, rest & action, aesthetic & function, etc. The wisdom we earn from making time to accept, make sense of, and then utilize the information inherent in our breadth of experience can be found no other way and is fundamental to the manifestation of our intention.

The cards for June 27 remind us of our responsibility to and for self. Practical goals are achieved by our willingness to adjust our output to current circumstances and make full and efficient use of the resources available. That means work with what you got to get what you want, babes. This requires self-honesty, motivation and awareness.

Happy Saturday, all 😁

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