Daily Tarot: June 30, 2020

The Night Sun Tarot by Fabio Listrani

Mars is getting comfy at home in the sign of Aries and many of the collective are in position to make great use of the intensity the warrior planet takes on in the sign of it’s domicile. Confident in ourselves and the commitment to authenticity in our decision making processes leads to new perspectives, opportunities, and creative inspirations that encourage forward movement. What will you choose to do with the abundance of energy available?👀 Beneath the desire to express our free will in the world around us is a healing of illusions surrounding how we exert our personal power and how we go about sating our desires. The cards for June 30 are asking us to act on our passions but not before grounding ourselves and regaining control over our emotional responses. Take all of you with you wherever you go, Lovelies.


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