Shadow Works: ♂️ Mars in Aries ♈

Mars in Aries trine natal Moon in Leo & Mercury in Cancer 8th House

I can already sense the potentials for far and wide movement and the ramifications of misuse as it pertains to transiting Mars, currently moving through my 5th house. Right now, I’m experiencing a sort of intensity that MUST be sated😅, like a ram style for reals.

Mars Transit 5th House Square Natal Neptune 2nd House ♑

Needless to say, practicing consistent & ruthless self-reflection is my coping mechanism at this point. (Mercury rx trine natal Pluto in Scorpio)
I’m trying to look past the illusion of immediate gratification (Mars square natal Neptune in Capricorn) so that I am free to create something of personal and material value from my spiritual lessons, creative impulses,passionand the tension inherent in 2 seemingly disconnected needs. That of material security and creative self expression that communicates personal values, emotional experiences/perspectives, and a sense of solid self worth. (Mercury Retrograde in Cancer Opposite natal Neptune)

Owning It…

TRANSLATION😅 :I’m horny, emotional, and triggered #AF 😳😂🤣🙄, but also inspired to control my outbursts and channel my expression of personal pain into something better than what it was sourced from especially that associated with the past and my mommy issues. Namely, art.🙃

I’m not going to say I haven’t had a few emotional outbursts, but thankfully most have come with positive epiphanies about how far I’ve come and what more is possible outside the ways I was previously limiting myself and what I currently know or have the skill to do. What I am learning is that I’m right where I need to be at all times as clarity usually comes when I need it most. All in due time, right? Asé!

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