Featured Poem

“LIfe Path: 9 Either”

Split between dimensions, development
in suspension; I’m stuck
in middle, west
of centered self-
absorbed by the outer, from within
but I see the master’s peace
snaking steadily to head
from uproots, fed by heart’s tones
because soul’s silent sustenance
is best devoured
wild inner child style.

Vibes still waver before rising,
learning curves of self-stabilizing
being realized and accepted.
There is only one step in the now
…deeper into self
I go. Human as rabbit hole
a psychedelic trip,
no doubt.

I’ve caught up
in calamities
of companionship, can’t tell
penile pangs from growing pains
rushing ‘cause I’m running out
of make-up time and unmade memories
borrowed from yesterday’s dreams.

Solitude beckons as consequence
still, belying my will,
resonating necessary: separation
for the desperate, I’m going through motions
men minding my meandering emotions,
trying to navigate rusted ships
into Oshun’s waves.

I flow Nile, though; rich
and ancient, boasting
beauty raw as skin
on soaked skin, race
like time against infinity.
Body and soul battle
to balance brain and beast inside.

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