Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

As we set out to relearn health, security, family, what it truly means to nurture and heal, what it means to be interdependent, I’m drawn back to my Full Moon in Virgo tarot reading. As we set our intentions for the new moon and adjust to the sense of forced isolation in the interest of healing, let’s look back on what’s come up for reevaluation and restructuring the last 2 weeks.
The spread I used for this moon, was created by @awitchalone on Instagram and was originally intended for the Leo Full moon specifically, but the questions are so fitting for full moon themes in general that I’ve decided to use it more regularly in my personal readings.

“We are no longer compromising who we are for what we want.” – Amber Khan
I will RELEASE this: Strength (reversed)
I will ACCEPT this: The World (reversed)
I will LOVE this: 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
I will WORK with this: The Devil
I will RESOLVE this: The Lovers
Deck Bottom (Overall): 10 of Cups Continue reading Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

Personal Mantras & Affirmations

When you’re healing from trauma, addressing limiting beliefs, or learning grounding and meditation, I found it helps to have a root to grasp ahold of to bring you back down to earth when you feel as if you’ve regressed… Because, I’m all things Astreaux 😉 I have written the daily mantras that I use below to coincide with the days of the week & their planetary correspondences. Continue reading Personal Mantras & Affirmations

ABytch, Why are you here?

NOTE: This post is primarily to explain the purpose of this blog. If you’re wanting to get to know me personally, comment and include your social media accounts or click here for a brief bio. As my primary goals for are to provide information on the basics of Astrology and Tarot. As I get deeper into my own study, it helps to remain aware of the foundations of each practice, their uses and universality. I want not only to explain but to show how both tools may be used to explore the depths of our own psyche. In order … Continue reading ABytch, Why are you here?

Shadow Work: Aquarius Season New Moon Personal Tarot

What’s up, foks!! I hope this week is starting off on a positive note despite the intensity and confusion our current astrology indicates. The New Moon that occurred on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 4 degrees in the sign of Aquarius marked the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) and was square to Uranus in Taurus at 6 degrees who just stationed direct on January 10 after about 5 months in retrograde motion. We’ve got Venus and Neptune Conjunct & Mercury moving into shadow. Clarity is available but will be hard to come by. You gotta grind for it. Facing … Continue reading Shadow Work: Aquarius Season New Moon Personal Tarot

Astreaux Study: Modalities (Cardinal Signs)

There are those who watch, those who wander, and those who lead… Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, & Capricorn are those we can’t help but to get behind, who’s capabilities, values and desires are as clear and straightforward as these people when expressing just who they are. These are not signs/energies that one may dominate easily. (Nope, not even those docile seeming Crabs and Scale swingers.)The 4 Cardinal signs are, in my opinion, the most diverse of all the modalities when compared to one another. It’s no wonder they are commonly known to also represent the 4 directions (North, South, … Continue reading Astreaux Study: Modalities (Cardinal Signs)

Sunday 01/05 thru Saturday 01/11 Tarot Forecast  

Past: Son/Knight of Wands  Present: 7 of Wands (reversed) Unknown Influence: 6of Wands (reversed Motivations: Ace of Cups (reversed) Others: Daughter/Page of Wands Advice: 9 of Swords (reversed) Outcome: Mother/Queen of Wands (reversed) Deck Bottom: Father/King of Pentacles (reversed)   Recently, we’ve recovered our passion and sense of forward movement. Confidence is on the rise and our trust in our own abilities to manifest has taken shape, allowing us to let go of any lingering combative energy. Trust in oneself allows us to transcend the need to depend on others to have our best interest at heart. Putting your guard down after a dispute or being isolated is difficult but now the motivation … Continue reading Sunday 01/05 thru Saturday 01/11 Tarot Forecast  

Sunday 12/29 thru Saturday 01/04 Tarot Forecast

Past: 4 of Swords Present: 8 of Cups Unknown Influence: Mother/Queen of Swords (reversed) Motivations: Mother/Queen of Pentacles Others: 2 of Wands (reversed) Advice: The Fool (reversed) Outcome: 4 of Wands Deck Bottom: 5 of Pentacles We come into the week having taken time out to detach from external circumstances and the noise of others to rest. Contemplation in a peaceful environment allows the necessary space for important decisions and intention setting. As a result we may now be leaving behind circumstances, relationships, and versions of self that no longer provide a sense of true fulfilment. This is definitely a … Continue reading Sunday 12/29 thru Saturday 01/04 Tarot Forecast

New Moon 7/31/19 Tarot: Earth Signs

Conscious: Page of Wands Unconscious: Six of Cups Advice:11 Justice (rx) Overall: 16 The Tower It seems those embodying Earth energy are about to take action toward a new path. Your impetus could be emerging from the past. It seems you all are in a nostalgic state of mind, remembering good times, reconnecting with old friends & lovers, bonding with siblings, etc. At the very least, some of you are reminiscing about times when you felt better. There’s a sense that a new beginning is yours for the taking and you’re feeling ready for it. This may be the result … Continue reading New Moon 7/31/19 Tarot: Earth Signs