Sabian Saturdays: Aries 2°

PHASE 2 (ARIES 2°): A COMEDIAN REVEALS HUMAN NATURE. KEYNOTE: The capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others. –Straight Woo “The Fool” Jaded jester tempts taboos with a grin, all tooth.Spiritual nomad, royals pay gold for her truth.She a rich pauper, speaks before spoken to, a subtle coupfor power. Born 4 minutes after the 15th hour,from survivors strivingtoward stability, came she.Wild spirit, heart of nobility,youthful enthusiasm, and with uncanny abilityshe season bitter truth until pleasant to taste.You’ll laugh at your reflection without seeing your face.How foolish!? – @iroksthnew Continue reading Sabian Saturdays: Aries 2°

25 Magazines accepting nontraditional poetry and creative writing

Most editors are happy to answer questions regarding submissions. If a lit mag seems like a good fit for your work and it happens to be a collaboration, found poem, or other more nontraditional form, contact them via email or on other social media to ask if they are open to such forms. If you […] via 25 lit mags to submit nontraditional & found poetry — Trish Hopkinson Continue reading 25 Magazines accepting nontraditional poetry and creative writing