Personal Mantras & Affirmations

When you’re healing from trauma, addressing limiting beliefs, or learning grounding and meditation, I found it helps to have a root to grasp ahold of to bring you back down to earth when you feel as if you’ve regressed… Because, I’m all things Astreaux 😉 I have written the daily mantras that I use below to coincide with the days of the week & their planetary correspondences. Continue reading Personal Mantras & Affirmations

Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious

I am going to be journaling on these questions and then pulling 2 tarot cards for each question for the remainder of the month. Kelly Ann Maddox, this was a great series of questions to think on, and I’m excited to share many recent insights with my readers 🙂 How judged do you tend to feel on a daily basis? Explore how much of that perceived judgments is real and how much is imagined. As someone who often feels and fears being misunderstood, judgment is a prevalent issue in most of my interpersonal relations. When people misunderstand my intentions for better … Continue reading Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious

Warning… I’m about to vomit…

…a series of shadow work journaling and stream of conscious (SOC) posts that I’ve neglected to edit/publish from the past 6 months or so. I’m not sure how many of my followers follow my personal journey and how many follow for the astrological and poetry content so I just thought I’d warn ya so you can ignore if disinterested. I’ve come into a few epiphanies is this inner healing/outer manifesting/accountability journey now that I’ve willfully decided to move out of the internalized limits I’d allowed to permeate my entire life. I want to share my lessons, but also to give … Continue reading Warning… I’m about to vomit…

S.O.C. 9/13/17

Taken for granted, for silly, for surface, I recall old lessons hard learned and their determined resurgence nevermind depth or the sea of tears secretly wept simultaneously. We; me, he, and she profusely professing in silence and salt the truth of hearts hardened and healing halted. Drip drop stains on cheek bones we try so hard to conceal, desperate diving into despondence seeking to discover likeness in the ripples. Resonance denied. There is never enough to reflect back the drainage occurring within as water seeks it’s own level and emptiness begets echoes of what once fulfilled. Those who repress best … Continue reading S.O.C. 9/13/17

To bring love to me I learn to love me.

Because anybody who enters now must catch my wave. I want to bring in a healthy, passionate, long-lasting lover into my life that grows me respects me, and sees me clearly.  I want to invest in someone who also wants to be seen by me so we may relearn intimacy.  Getting lost and found in a connection as authentic as my immortal soul is the goal. But first, to get lost in myself… in love. Because I once was faced with what I wanted only to reject it out of fear that I didn’t and couldn’t deserve it. Continue reading To bring love to me I learn to love me.


I’m aware I really miss what I thought I saw. I invested in an illusion born of impatience, projected my desires onto someone w/similar issues to mine instead of becoming the person I truly desire to attract and accepting that energy when it presented itself… I failed in that too. It wasn’t yet my energy to reflect. Certainly I hadn’t taken responsibility to become what I demanded. I jumped quickly into requests for intimacy, failing to set boundaries, clarify intentions, speak on expectations. When red flags appeared I continued giving benefits and effort instead of asking questions, verbalizing perceptions, self … Continue reading “Accountable”

S.o.c. rambling 4/30

So… I’m sitting in my car and I’m realizing there are a lot of things that I need to get off my chest. Not in a way of inviting confrontation but I need to have open authentic release of everything inside me that has been held onto, has been repressed, hidden, that still hurts.  Everything that has been left unspoken that has been left unheard or ignored, need a blunt release of all that and it’s time to do that. So as of now, I’m making routine of meditation in order to clear my thoughts and to clear my heart … Continue reading S.o.c. rambling 4/30

When You’re An Introvert

You grow accustomed to solitude because it feels like home.  It has nothing to do with shyness. A moment of seclusion is like a down pillow upon which you rest, the place you retreat to to learn about and hide from yourself and the rest of the world. When you want to let someone in, to you heart, your mind, your life, it’s like breaking an addiction. You reach out your hand toward another soul and it scares you, the longing you feel to connect being painted by the urge to pull back into the familiarity of your own mind. … Continue reading When You’re An Introvert

freewrite: power struggle

Sometimes, it breathes in me, barely concealed disconnection from the body, expanding with my inhales, blatantly tempting other with each release word written wasted, every feeling hardly harnessed proof of both my hell and of humanity How must I explain the ineffable experience of my own unbridled power, the intrinsic order of human limitlessness? …and the opposite, to which one wise by trial should also pay respect. Brewing despite my denials, is recognition and through every trial, the simmer grows to boil. Who’ll brave baring witness as I spill? Continue reading freewrite: power struggle