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My rates are below for those interested in scheduling a reading for themselves.
Click the icon below to send payment (a new window will open), then send your availability using the form below. Donations also welcome and always appreciated

If you are interested in a collaboration or have questions & concerns regarding this site, please contact me by email  I will also answer any questions re: my general readings by email/comment (there’s no charge, lol). I also award free random readings to those who subscribe to my YouTube and leave detailed comments. 

Special Pricing
(must book all readings at time of purchase)

3×10 minute video readings $45
3×30 minute readings $110
1 of Each: 1×10 Minute, 1×30 Minute, 1xAnnual Reading (PDF)

Video Readings

10 minutes (1 topic up to 3 questions) $20
30 minutes (2 topics up to 5 questions) $50
General Life Progress Reading $75 (Love/Family/Finance + up to 5 Questions)
Solar Return/Annual Spread $45 – PDF file with month-to-month outlook, advice and corresponding photos. This reading includes a total of 45 cards and an option for 6-month follow-up of your choice (video reading) for 50% of posted price. A breakdown of this spread can be found here.


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