March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Past: Page of CupsPresent: Queen of SwordsUnknown: The Chariot (reversed) Motivation: TemperanceEnvironment: The LoversAdvice: 3 of DisksOutcome: 7 of Wands (reversed) Overall: The Devil & The Hermit (both reversed) We’ve matured beyond emotionalism and naiveté and though our intuition and sensitivity still serve us, now we have sensibility, discernment, and communication skills to assist us. March 2020 rolls in with a reminder that our mind is our strongest ally when plans are wayward and distractions abound. When our emotions have gotten the better of us or clouded our judgment, practicing non-attachment brings us back to balance. This month rolls in with clarity … Continue reading March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Daily Tarot: February 18, 2020

The tarot suggests today is most aligned with a moment of rest. (I get the distinct impression today’s reading is for a specific group of people🤷🏾‍♀️) CONSIOUS 9 of Cups (reversed) UNCONSCIOUS The World ADVICE The Hanged Man OUTCOME Page Of Wands Additional Info 5 of Swords (reversed) The last battle with the ego has been fought for some of us and the emotional drainage is palpable. Much time has been spent clarifying misunderstanding and cutting through lies, deceit betrayals of self and others. Learning healthy self interest when you’ve spent a lifetime internalizing guilt and putting others first can … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 18, 2020

Daily Tarot: February 17, 2020

The tarot for today reminds us to be analytical and decisive re: who we give to, work with, and place our faith in. CONSCIOUS 3 of Pentacles (reversed)UNCONSCIOUS JusticeADVICE 6 of Pentacles (reversed)OUTCOME The Lovers (reversed)Additional Info The Tower (reversed) We’ve pulled our energy back from collaborations and work relationships in which our contributions, energy and talent are not being acknowledged or reciprocated. Anytime you feel taken for granted, taken advantage of or disposable, it’s time to reevaluate the significance you allow a connection or structure to play in your life. If your depth, clarity, practicality or emotional output is … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 17, 2020

Daily Tarot: February 13, 2020

Hello all😉The tarot for February 13, 2020 shows reflects our arrival at the end of a cycle and it’s Graduation Day bytches!👩🏾‍🎓👨🏾‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 CONSCIOUS The WorldUNCONSCIOUS Knight Of Swords (reversed)ADVICE The EmperorOUTCOME Queen Of CupsAdditional Info 2 of Pentacles (reversed) /7 of Swords (reversed) Lessons have been learned that challenged our egos, our awareness, our truth, even our damn intelligence and rightfully pissed tf off some of us are. Many have simply been shocked into silence by the awareness that our dreams are manifesting right before our eyes. 🤯😶It seems the recent past may have brought clarity with chaos tailgating behind … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 13, 2020

Daily Tarot: February 7, 2020

The Daily Tarot for February 7, 2020 is a complete 180° from yesterday. CONSCIOUS QueenOfSwordsUNCONSCIOUS 9ofCups (reversed)ADVICE DeathOUTCOME TheHierophant (reversed)Additional Info #4ofCups Our enthusiasm for forward movement has brought us to a place of clarity that may encourage actions we are not yet emotionally prepared to take. Nevertheless the truth shan’t be denied.👁It’s okay to take a moment of stillness after disappointment to reevaluate what really satisfies at a deep soul level, what inspires our minds’ best work, what exactly is the tempo to this fucking drum beat anyway? Today, you must choose. Underneath it all, our emotional dissatisfaction is … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 7, 2020

Daily Tarot: February 6, 2020

Today, working on our foundations, taking care of our responsibilities, & committing to our goals brings us to a life altering new beginning. We’re ready, too. Passions are fired up, energy levels our high and our sights are set toward the future. Be careful not to make any reckless decisions due to boredom but don’t completely squash that creative impulse. Why? Today, avoiding unequal exchanges and securing our individual selves affords us the freedom to do things our way, regardless of convention, tradition, or the expectations of a “They”. If you hear the beat of your own drum today, you … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 6, 2020

Exploring the Zodiac Within

This #ZodiacChallenge from @wise.royalty on instagram was so much fun. It’s always important for those of us who use or study #astrology to keep in mind that all of these energies live within each of us and we can evolve and work with them to our benefit should we make a conscious choice to do so. I’d love to see what you guys come up with. Choose 1 photo of yourself to represent each of the signs. Follow her, the info she shares on astrology and numerology will be like a sign post in the middle of the rabbit hole😅😆 Continue reading Exploring the Zodiac Within