Shadow Work: Aquarius Season New Moon Personal Tarot

What’s up, foks!! I hope this week is starting off on a positive note despite the intensity and confusion our current astrology indicates. The New Moon that occurred on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 4 degrees in the sign of Aquarius marked the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) and was square to Uranus in Taurus at 6 degrees who just stationed direct on January 10 after about 5 months in retrograde motion. We’ve got Venus and Neptune Conjunct & Mercury moving into shadow. Clarity is available but will be hard to come by. You gotta grind for it. Facing … Continue reading Shadow Work: Aquarius Season New Moon Personal Tarot

JANUARY 2020 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch

JANUARY 2020 “The Wild Unknown” 4-Card Tarot Prediction Conscious: 6 of Cups (reversed) Unconscious: Son/Knight of Cups (reversed) Advice: 4 of Cups Outcome: The Magician (reversed) Deck Bottom (Theme): The Devil (reversed) & Strength We begin the New Year in the midst of a process of release. The suit of Cups dominates the reading suggesting feelings & intuition are of great import now. Majority of the reading is also reversed which indicates from a reader’s point of view that we are not seeing the situation as it is and a change of focus is necessary. Emotional purging seems to be … Continue reading JANUARY 2020 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch

Tarot Profile: Ace of Swords by AstreauxBytch

Much Demanded, Much Returned Hump day rolls in accompanied by some particularly strong energies! The Ace of Swords offers us the focus and objectivity necessary to pursue our goals, speak our truth, and remain clear in mind despite the heavy emotional environment that the party in the sign of Cancer (Mercury, Mars, and the Sun) […] via Daily Tarot “Ace of Swords” — AstreauxBytch Continue reading Tarot Profile: Ace of Swords by AstreauxBytch

Weekly Tarotscope 11/5/17 – 11/11/17

Monday(Past) – 9 of Swords Coming out of a period of stress or anxiety, releasing looping thought patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent forward progress. We may be hindering our own growth/objectivity by stressing over things we cannot control. Adjust your attitude to one of clarity and acceptance to ease the day’s energy. Tuesday (Present) – 3 of Swords Engaging the healing process after deep emotional wounding. 3rd party interference in emotional situations. Regaining strength during recovery. Severing karmic ties, releasing emotional baggage. This is a time to look at your pain objectively and identify the lessons so that you … Continue reading Weekly Tarotscope 11/5/17 – 11/11/17

September 2017 Transit Summary

Watch Sign-by-Sign Tarot Videos on my YouTube Channel! 9/5/17 Mercury stations direct in Leo, conjunct Mars & N.Node, trine Sun in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries. Mars enters Virgo. Self exploration & expression may fluctuate as we become increasingly clear on the changes that have taken place within and externally as a result of the eclipse.  We are more certain of  who we are, why we are here and what in our lives hinders or encourages us on that journey.  Mercury and Mars conjunction requires us to speak authentically and follow up with action.  Saturn joining the mix demands that … Continue reading September 2017 Transit Summary

Tarot Profile: King of Swords

The King of Swords asks us to speak clearly and honestly.  To take focused action toward our highest goals.  To maintain proper levels of objectivity, balancing the logic and emotional sides of the human experience. We are compelled to be honest with ourselves and others about what we want and need and to take action that supports us.  The swords often refer to signs of the air element: Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius. Whether male or female, to embody this energy means to see and speak clearly and to act with focus and determination. A man who has mastered the wielding … Continue reading Tarot Profile: King of Swords

Me, Myself, and Eye

Moments of unexpected clarity rush in more frequently now as I am open to change, dedicated to my own truth (its discovery and expression), and determined to learn from every person situation I encounter in this life. Taking note of moments of synchronicity seems to make them occur more often (it may be that experiencing the moments makes me acutely more aware of them). My emotional state is still unstable, though. I want to see results, feel results. I know a lot of that is impatience and lack of consistency on my part and that is part of the emotional … Continue reading Me, Myself, and Eye

Jessica Davidson on Saturn in the 1st house

When Saturn transits the First House the need for security and achievement influences how you present yourself to the world and take action. This is the start of a new cycle as Saturn transits through the houses in the lower hemisphere of your chart, encouraging you to develop inner strength and come to know yourself […] via Saturn Transits: 1st House — Jessica Davidson Continue reading Jessica Davidson on Saturn in the 1st house