Sabian Saturdays: Aries 2°

PHASE 2 (ARIES 2°): A COMEDIAN REVEALS HUMAN NATURE. KEYNOTE: The capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others. –Straight Woo “The Fool” Jaded jester tempts taboos with a grin, all tooth.Spiritual nomad, royals pay gold for her truth.She a rich pauper, speaks before spoken to, a subtle coupfor power. Born 4 minutes after the 15th hour,from survivors strivingtoward stability, came she.Wild spirit, heart of nobility,youthful enthusiasm, and with uncanny abilityshe season bitter truth until pleasant to taste.You’ll laugh at your reflection without seeing your face.How foolish!? – @iroksthnew Continue reading Sabian Saturdays: Aries 2°

March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Past: Page of CupsPresent: Queen of SwordsUnknown: The Chariot (reversed) Motivation: TemperanceEnvironment: The LoversAdvice: 3 of DisksOutcome: 7 of Wands (reversed) Overall: The Devil & The Hermit (both reversed) We’ve matured beyond emotionalism and naiveté and though our intuition and sensitivity still serve us, now we have sensibility, discernment, and communication skills to assist us. March 2020 rolls in with a reminder that our mind is our strongest ally when plans are wayward and distractions abound. When our emotions have gotten the better of us or clouded our judgment, practicing non-attachment brings us back to balance. This month rolls in with clarity … Continue reading March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Daily Tarot: February 18, 2020

The tarot suggests today is most aligned with a moment of rest. (I get the distinct impression today’s reading is for a specific group of people🤷🏾‍♀️) CONSIOUS 9 of Cups (reversed) UNCONSCIOUS The World ADVICE The Hanged Man OUTCOME Page Of Wands Additional Info 5 of Swords (reversed) The last battle with the ego has been fought for some of us and the emotional drainage is palpable. Much time has been spent clarifying misunderstanding and cutting through lies, deceit betrayals of self and others. Learning healthy self interest when you’ve spent a lifetime internalizing guilt and putting others first can … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 18, 2020

Personal Mantras & Affirmations

When you’re healing from trauma, addressing limiting beliefs, or learning grounding and meditation, I found it helps to have a root to grasp ahold of to bring you back down to earth when you feel as if you’ve regressed… Because, I’m all things Astreaux 😉 I have written the daily mantras that I use below to coincide with the days of the week & their planetary correspondences. Continue reading Personal Mantras & Affirmations

Discussing Chiron — Is the Wounded Healer a Shaman?

Originally posted by Cristina Rombi at Zodiac Poetry Astrology I think that Chiron awakens us to the multidimensional, sometimes contradictory complexity of human experience on Earth. I’m especially thinking about the concept of Soul loss / Soul retrieval in certain … Continue reading Discussing Chiron — Is the Wounded Healer a Shaman?

Venus enters Aries February 2020 — Shadow, Light, Echo (Zodiac Poetry Astrology)

Originally Posted by Cristina Rombi on Zodiac Poetry Astrology When Venus enters Aries, on February 7, we will feel called to express all of the above in ways that are bolder and affirming, and there is hardly anything detrimental about … Continue reading Venus enters Aries February 2020 — Shadow, Light, Echo (Zodiac Poetry Astrology)