Tarot Profile: King of Cups

Emotional maturity in action and speech is the advice Friday comes in with.  We are granted clear insight, intuition, and balance between objectivity and sensitivity. As this is a court card, it could represent that someone is bringing this energy into our lives or that we are embodying this energy ourselves as it represents the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  A King of Cups person is spiritually sound, responsible and nurturing to the family unit.  This is someone who requires and creates a secure home environment for themselves. This card showing up can also represent the cunning use of … Continue reading Tarot Profile: King of Cups

Cancer Season Full Moon 2017 Montly Tarot

The New Moon in Cancer and the stellium of personal planets there (Sun, Moon, Mercury, & Mars) had us traveling involuntarily into the realm of the unconscious, our hidden emotions, & our most acute sensitivities.  Those of us who set intentions during that time will now have to contest with the energy of a full moon in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn, in addition to the already high planetary focus on our most tender spots as we look to manifest those ideas/inspirations/emotional healing. The moon moves into the 2nd decan and 17º of Capricorn on July 9th, highlighting issues surrounding boundaries … Continue reading Cancer Season Full Moon 2017 Montly Tarot

Very Necessary Reminders

I am “crawling up the walls inside” again.  There’s a sense of restlessness that comes and goes in waves.  I keep thinking to myself “There’s something I need to do, I think, but what?” Even as I began writing about it, I had an epiphany.  This is the urge to initiate.  So many plans made, so many ideas, goals, feelings and insights, shouldn’t I be DOING something?  Yes. That’s exactly what’s needed. Dedicated action.  The universe is opening it mouth to tell me “Act like you want what you say you do and you may just receive it.” Jupiter going … Continue reading Very Necessary Reminders

Me, Myself, and Eye

Moments of unexpected clarity rush in more frequently now as I am open to change, dedicated to my own truth (its discovery and expression), and determined to learn from every person situation I encounter in this life. Taking note of moments of synchronicity seems to make them occur more often (it may be that experiencing the moments makes me acutely more aware of them). My emotional state is still unstable, though. I want to see results, feel results. I know a lot of that is impatience and lack of consistency on my part and that is part of the emotional … Continue reading Me, Myself, and Eye

Jessica Davidson on Saturn in the 1st house

When Saturn transits the First House the need for security and achievement influences how you present yourself to the world and take action. This is the start of a new cycle as Saturn transits through the houses in the lower hemisphere of your chart, encouraging you to develop inner strength and come to know yourself […] via Saturn Transits: 1st House — Jessica Davidson Continue reading Jessica Davidson on Saturn in the 1st house