Weekly Tarot forecast 4/23 – 4/29/2018

Decks used: Cosmic Deck of Initiation, Radiant Rider Waite (finally😏 lol), & Thoth Tarot The overall energy (bottom of the deck) reads positively to me. Something like an unexpected truth that you can celebrate or at the very least one that results in some increased camaraderie amongst us all.  Information is coming into us that will allow us to relax into the joy of the present moment. #UniversalCompassion showing up along side these cards reminds us of the newly gained skill we must embody to make the best of this week’s energy. Regardless of what we need from others, our primary need … Continue reading Weekly Tarot forecast 4/23 – 4/29/2018

Tarot Profile: Ace of Swords by AstreauxBytch

Much Demanded, Much Returned Hump day rolls in accompanied by some particularly strong energies! The Ace of Swords offers us the focus and objectivity necessary to pursue our goals, speak our truth, and remain clear in mind despite the heavy emotional environment that the party in the sign of Cancer (Mercury, Mars, and the Sun) […] via Daily Tarot “Ace of Swords” — AstreauxBytch Continue reading Tarot Profile: Ace of Swords by AstreauxBytch

‘Rolling in the Deep’

So a ‘friend’ essentially stopped talking out of the blue without an explanation after being kind of testy beforehand.  I asked for an explanation repeatedly and was ignored and when the person finally decided they wanted to communicate, addressing the maltreatment wasn’t on their agenda. So now, there is no communication. Frankly, I don’t expect this sort of maladaptive response to processing his emotions is going to change nor do I expect that this person will accept responsibility for the way this affects others, so I’m cool with not talking.  Some people prefer people who disregard them until thaat’s no … Continue reading ‘Rolling in the Deep’

Wake up! Your gift is calling…

There have been many epiphanies lately in light of my reflection on self sabotage, participation in essentially dissatisfying connections, and hesitancy when it comes to wholeheartedly pursuing my passions.  I realize that a lot of these issues and behaviors are from a toxic and internalized belief that was re-iterated to me often as a child that I “expect too much out of life”.  Growing up in a household where depression was normalized rather than addressed, I didn’t realize how skewed the perceptions were of the person teaching and rearing me until I began embodying and suffering the consequences of those … Continue reading Wake up! Your gift is calling…


I was proud of myself for having completed a great majority of the menial tasks I set for myself over the weekend. When you deal with true depression, sometimes just taking good care of yourself and personal business is a feat unto itself. Lately I’ve been fighting off a true depressive episode, complete with hiding and shower skips. The fact that after taking care of business, splurging on a bottle of $5 Lambrusco, a set of sheets, and some Febreeze scented kitty litter, having just enough to continue handling business until I get paid to do so again should be … Continue reading 03.27.2017


I really enjoy observing and hearing from this man. That’s a problem. Red flags are flapping and flying in abundance, but there’s also much that has what seems like gravitational pull upon me. I hear the call of his shortcomings as much as his attributes and must consistently remind self to disregard expectations and attachments in order to fully experience the reality of each moment without superimposing my emotional baggage onto any situation. Slowly, I want to back off sexually because I know acquiescing (as much my desire as his) affected the direction of the relationship and the likelihood we … Continue reading 03.24.2017

Passivity, Aggression, and Passive Aggression: A Self-Reflection…

We are sub-tweeting our families, friends, and lovers because we don’t want to deal with the consequences of expressing our discontent or disagreement with their ideas and behavior, outlook or lifestyle. We ignore calls or partially answer questions. We lie by omission, withhold sex, and treat our children as bargaining tools…. When our actions toward others feel limited by our conditioning, when our understanding or sense of being understood, accepted, appreciated and valued come into question, how do our internal reactions, expectations, and thought processes determine the degree to which we authentically and directly express ourselves to others? Continue reading Passivity, Aggression, and Passive Aggression: A Self-Reflection…

When You’re An Introvert

You grow accustomed to solitude because it feels like home.  It has nothing to do with shyness. A moment of seclusion is like a down pillow upon which you rest, the place you retreat to to learn about and hide from yourself and the rest of the world. When you want to let someone in, to you heart, your mind, your life, it’s like breaking an addiction. You reach out your hand toward another soul and it scares you, the longing you feel to connect being painted by the urge to pull back into the familiarity of your own mind. … Continue reading When You’re An Introvert