Daily Tarot: March 26, 2020

The tarot cards for March 26, 2020 reflect a deep need for detachment and ruthless self-interest. It seems despite any lingering sentiment, it is time to forge our path forward and leave behind those circumstances, relationships, & versions of self that do not serve our TOTAL fulfillment. ⠀⠀CONSCIOUS 8 of Cups⠀UNCONSCIOUS The Chariot (reversed) ⠀ADVICE 5 of Swords 🤯⠀OUTCOME 9 of Cups⠀Additional Info Ace of Pentacles⠀⠀Get in your bag! And remember, YOU’re the fkng bag, folks. 👊🏾 Some severe emotional drainage is taking place for some as a result of the isolation we are all experiencing. The focus on feelings … Continue reading Daily Tarot: March 26, 2020

Daily Tarot: March 25, 2020

The cards for March 25, 2020 reflects the depth of connection possible when one is emotionally clear, communicative and focused on joy.😁 Conscious: The High Priestess (reversed)Unconscious: 10 of CupsAdvice: 3 of CupsOutcome: 5 of Cups (reversed)Additional Info: Page Of Cups Sensitive much!?😅😢 This entire reading is of the water element which tells me that Quarantine got y’all in your feelings, focused on your bonds, healing and sitting with the manifestations of your own subconscious thoughts. Guess we still addicted to that Piscean juju.🌊 Okay!!!We awake this morning to clarity that cannot be suppressed.  The need to speak our intuitive … Continue reading Daily Tarot: March 25, 2020

Daily Tarot: March 23, 2020

A necessary and yet unpleasant decision is being held up by someone’s refusal to communicate thoughts and perceptions or ask important questions. I sense there’s a fear of abandoning a quietly sinking ship for unknown shores. Whether this applies to you or others in the environment, stalling will not prevent the coming change. In fact, avoidance is how a small hiccup becomes a #TowerMoment , no? Our advice is to pause long enough to see clearly our own perceptions, desires, & contribution to any issues. We may need to sacrifice pride, stubborn impulses, and stagnant connections for the sake of … Continue reading Daily Tarot: March 23, 2020

Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

As we set out to relearn health, security, family, what it truly means to nurture and heal, what it means to be interdependent, I’m drawn back to my Full Moon in Virgo tarot reading. As we set our intentions for the new moon and adjust to the sense of forced isolation in the interest of healing, let’s look back on what’s come up for reevaluation and restructuring the last 2 weeks.
The spread I used for this moon, was created by @awitchalone on Instagram and was originally intended for the Leo Full moon specifically, but the questions are so fitting for full moon themes in general that I’ve decided to use it more regularly in my personal readings.

“We are no longer compromising who we are for what we want.” – Amber Khan
I will RELEASE this: Strength (reversed)
I will ACCEPT this: The World (reversed)
I will LOVE this: 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
I will WORK with this: The Devil
I will RESOLVE this: The Lovers
Deck Bottom (Overall): 10 of Cups Continue reading Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

This month promises us relief in the form of genuine connection that comes from honest and ruthless self reflection. Highest Hopes: Page of Wands (rx)Problem: 6 of Pentacles Questioner: 9 of Cups (rx)Decreasing Influence: Page of Cups (rx)Current Situation: 2 of SwordsIncoming Influence: The HermitQuestioner Towards Problem: 3 of WandsEnvironment: The HierophantInner Emotions: 8 of CupsOutcome: 10 of Cups Deck Bottom (Additional Info): 8 of Pentacles (rx) You can read more on the astrology for this Full Moon on Zodiac Poetry Astrology .com   This moon cycle is revealing to us all where our energy, resources, and emotions are being … Continue reading Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

Daily Tarot: March 6, 2020

Great Rising & Happy ♀️Day to everyone.The Daily Tarot for March 6, 2020 is all about conservation and management of resources. There is a gathering of power taking place, a mustering of the self that leads us into full embodiment. CONSCIOUS 4 of PentaclesUNCONSCIOUS 2 of PentaclesADVICE The Hanged Man (reversed)OUTCOME King Of WandsAdditional Info The Emperor (reversed) Some of us are intentionally withholding, today. Energy, resources. #communication , our literal presence are all versions of collateral we use to manifest our lives. Today we may be aware of where we need more and where we must learn to limit … Continue reading Daily Tarot: March 6, 2020

Daily Tarot: March 5, 2020

Its Friday Eve, folks! Gm🙋🏾‍♀️😁The tarot for March 5, 2020 is all about the patience to define, clarify, and refine before acting on our plans. CONSCIOUS 6 of Swords (reversed)UNCONSCIOUS 9 of PentaclesADVICE Ace Of Wands (reversed)OUTCOME The Hanged ManAdditional Info The Lovers (reversed) Today, we’re i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t (do you know what that mean🤣)🎶🎧 manifesting from a place of self value and worthiness that comes from living authentically. Venus in ♉ asks us to look at the habits that do & don’t support self worth.There may be some hesitation surrounding our depature from circumstances that upset the balance in our lives. … Continue reading Daily Tarot: March 5, 2020

Daily Tarot: February 28, 2020

HAPPY FRIDYZZLE, BytchesThe tarot cards for February 28, 2020 reminds us that our dreams have value and the willingness to align is what moves us toward them. CONSCIOUS The MoonUNCONSCIOUS The TowerADVICE King Of Pentacles (reversed)OUTCOME Wheel Of FortuneAdditional Info 5 of Swords (reversed) The sunrises on our awareness of just how much we do not know. For many of us the emotional waves of the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces have clouded our visions of what can be. The only recourse in the midst of energies like this is to get in deeper touch with your intuition, balance … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 28, 2020

Daily Tarot: February 27, 2020

Great Rising, lovlies🙋🏾‍♀️The cards for February 27, 2020Gives testament to knowing when  giving in, release, surrender are the best choices we can make. The truth exposes & defends itself. CONSCIOUS Strength (reversed)UNCONSCIOUS Page Of Cups (reversed)ADVICE 2 of Swords (reversed)OUTCOME The High Priestess (reversed)Additional Info 5 of Swords Naiveté has led many of us down a path toward a dead end of sorts. For some of us, sentimentality had blinded us to the true intentions of others or the viability of a connection. However, our emotional awareness also provides the clarity to recognize when our cups are being drained rather … Continue reading Daily Tarot: February 27, 2020