Sunday 01/12 thru Saturday 01/18Tarot Forecast

Past: 8 of Pentacles (reversed) Present: 4 of Pentacles (reversed) Unknown Influence: Strength (reversed) Motivations: 5 of Pentacles (reversed) Others: Son/Knight of Wands Advice: 9 of Pentacles Outcome: 8 of Swords (reversed) Deck Bottom: Son/Knight of Pentacles (reversed) The hardest thing to see clearly is the true magnitude of one’s own power.  The number of reversals is significant in this reading, in particular because they are primarily of 1 suit (Pentacles).The time is almost past ripe to review what and who you value, how you express your self-worth and what kind of effort you put into your long term goals and overall stability. We’re emerging from a period where … Continue reading Sunday 01/12 thru Saturday 01/18Tarot Forecast

Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/8 – 1/14/18

​This week, we are faced with strong grounding energy. The Sun Venus and Pluto in Capricorn are joined by Mercury as it comes out of its retrograde shadow period to add to the powerful sextile energy these 3 planetary bodies are making with Mars and Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio ruler of death (of the psychological kind) regeneration, and rebirth.  The Universe is offering a chance at deep and divine healing if we take a practical honest and discipline approached to identifying, planning for, and taking a consistent approach toward defining our personal values and responsibilities and aligning our actions … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/8 – 1/14/18

October 2017 Tarot Forecast

Openly expressing newfound wisdom and insight about our own natures, passions, internal structures and external expressions is how we navigate this month. Some of what we’ve learned recently has brought into question our current lifestyles and ways of thinking and behaving. Now, we must ask if they resonate with what most inspires passionate action within us and supports our confidence and individual contribution to collective growth. Shining a light on the places in our lives that need more balance and acting accordingly is our task this month, creating a union between our material circumstance, personal identity, and our spiritual/emotional selves. … Continue reading October 2017 Tarot Forecast