Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

As we set out to relearn health, security, family, what it truly means to nurture and heal, what it means to be interdependent, I’m drawn back to my Full Moon in Virgo tarot reading. As we set our intentions for the new moon and adjust to the sense of forced isolation in the interest of healing, let’s look back on what’s come up for reevaluation and restructuring the last 2 weeks.
The spread I used for this moon, was created by @awitchalone on Instagram and was originally intended for the Leo Full moon specifically, but the questions are so fitting for full moon themes in general that I’ve decided to use it more regularly in my personal readings.

“We are no longer compromising who we are for what we want.” – Amber Khan
I will RELEASE this: Strength (reversed)
I will ACCEPT this: The World (reversed)
I will LOVE this: 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
I will WORK with this: The Devil
I will RESOLVE this: The Lovers
Deck Bottom (Overall): 10 of Cups Continue reading Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

This month promises us relief in the form of genuine connection that comes from honest and ruthless self reflection. Highest Hopes: Page of Wands (rx)Problem: 6 of Pentacles Questioner: 9 of Cups (rx)Decreasing Influence: Page of Cups (rx)Current Situation: 2 of SwordsIncoming Influence: The HermitQuestioner Towards Problem: 3 of WandsEnvironment: The HierophantInner Emotions: 8 of CupsOutcome: 10 of Cups Deck Bottom (Additional Info): 8 of Pentacles (rx) You can read more on the astrology for this Full Moon on Zodiac Poetry Astrology .com   This moon cycle is revealing to us all where our energy, resources, and emotions are being … Continue reading Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

Full Moon in Leo 20˚ February 9, 2020 Tarot & Astrology by AstreauxBytch

During this full moon cycle, our actions (mars) are motivated by how we feel about ourselves (Leo Moon). We are likely to be analyzing the various ways we express ourselves and how that is likely to reflect on us as individuals (Leo Aquarius axis). With the Capricorn stellium going strong, the responsibilities we choose to accept speak of what we value about ourselves and the world around us. Jupiter ensures that while our efforts toward safety security and abundance require consistency and practicality (and in the sign of the goat certainly not easy), the rewards for such exertion will be … Continue reading Full Moon in Leo 20˚ February 9, 2020 Tarot & Astrology by AstreauxBytch

Full Moon 1/10/2020 Cancer 20˚ Astrology & Tarot Predictions

Astreaux Forecast January’s Full Moon brings with it clarity surrounding emotional safety and fulfillment (Cancer). What will come up at this time for everyone is a direct response to the Saturn & Pluto transits of Capricorn and the North Node transit through the sign of the crab.Whatever house these planets and points are currently aspecting in our individual charts should give clues as to the nature of the issues we are to face. The underlying theme for all of us is how we take responsibility (Saturn) to create a symbiosis between Safety (Cancer), Security (Capricorn), and Authenticity (Pluto) in our lives.  The sabian symbol for this moon is “VENETIAN GONDOLIERS IN … Continue reading Full Moon 1/10/2020 Cancer 20˚ Astrology & Tarot Predictions

Taurus Full Moon 10/24/2018 Astrology & Tarot Predictions

NIGHT SUN Tarot Conscious: Knight of Wands (rx), 7 of Wands (rx), 5 of WandsUnconscious: XIX The Sun, 9 of Pentacles, King of Swords (rx)Outcome: 2 of Wands (rx), III The Empress, 7 of CupsOverall: IV The Emperor (rx) A sense of powerlessness permeates this reading despite the presence of very powerful energies showing up via the major arcana. The overall energy suggests a misuse of power or desire to control what is external to us when inner clarity escapes us which leaves us in an unstable place in general. It is time to look inside the self for a … Continue reading Taurus Full Moon 10/24/2018 Astrology & Tarot Predictions

2018 Personal Mantra

In the last year planetary energy (specifically the Leo/Aquarius Nodal change and eclipses and the end of my Saturn return), combined with my personal pursuit of internal peace through shadow work, emotional growth through release, and spiritual study and evolution has provided me with some eye-opening, game changing, and ultimately necessary truths.  The insights I’ve come into continually increase both in depth and value, while ultimately putting into perspective those blind spots in my experience that keep me from evolving beyond them.  Personal will and action, self worth, discernment and effective assertive communication repeatedly have come up as issues w/which I must … Continue reading 2018 Personal Mantra

Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/22– 1/28/18

Mystic Mondays Tarot & Quantum Tarot 2.0 were used for this reading. This week, we’ve come to a place of clarity by applying our newly gained emotional intelligence, self-awareness and confidence.  Delayed gratification leads us to our ultimate long term satisfaction, provided we do not let the wait undermine our confidence in the Universe’s ability and intent to deliver. Material instability and unstable emotional foundations may have a few of us on edge, but worry not!  The opportunity for growth is still available to us should we choose to make wise decisions based on the circumstances presented to us.  Seeing … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/22– 1/28/18