Chance Meetings & Synchronicity

I am so ecstatic about all the connections I’m making within the healing, the lessons the confidence and renewed vigor for deep diving into myself! I am embracing through experience the connectivity… oneness of the universe (I know it sounds corny to some but really) of all living things and my optimism and openness are increasing exponentially as a result. Yesterday, I went to the bookstore and was trying to connect to the wifi which wasn’t working. So I gave up and proceeded to look into a sequel to a fantasy novel I’d been looking for. Eventually I got bored … Continue reading Chance Meetings & Synchronicity


I really enjoy observing and hearing from this man. That’s a problem. Red flags are flapping and flying in abundance, but there’s also much that has what seems like gravitational pull upon me. I hear the call of his shortcomings as much as his attributes and must consistently remind self to disregard expectations and attachments in order to fully experience the reality of each moment without superimposing my emotional baggage onto any situation. Slowly, I want to back off sexually because I know acquiescing (as much my desire as his) affected the direction of the relationship and the likelihood we … Continue reading 03.24.2017

I remember…

…things based on how emotionally attached I was/am in the moment.
There are moments, phrases, feelings and situations I remember with glaring clarity.   Every nuance of them  replays in my mind like a record skipping under an old needle.  It’s not that they are always pleasant to remember (frankly, most aren’t), but because of how they’d affected me emotionally as they occurred.  Brief excerpts of old conversations with mothers, friends, lovers, even bosses float up into consciousness like wildfire smoke.

At opposite ends of my capacity to remember are things preplanned routines, the location of my Continue reading “I remember…”