March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Past: Page of CupsPresent: Queen of SwordsUnknown: The Chariot (reversed) Motivation: TemperanceEnvironment: The LoversAdvice: 3 of DisksOutcome: 7 of Wands (reversed) Overall: The Devil & The Hermit (both reversed) We’ve matured beyond emotionalism and naiveté and though our intuition and sensitivity still serve us, now we have sensibility, discernment, and communication skills to assist us. March 2020 rolls in with a reminder that our mind is our strongest ally when plans are wayward and distractions abound. When our emotions have gotten the better of us or clouded our judgment, practicing non-attachment brings us back to balance. This month rolls in with clarity … Continue reading March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Personal Mantras & Affirmations

When you’re healing from trauma, addressing limiting beliefs, or learning grounding and meditation, I found it helps to have a root to grasp ahold of to bring you back down to earth when you feel as if you’ve regressed… Because, I’m all things Astreaux 😉 I have written the daily mantras that I use below to coincide with the days of the week & their planetary correspondences. Continue reading Personal Mantras & Affirmations

Shadow Work: Aquarius Season New Moon Personal Tarot

What’s up, foks!! I hope this week is starting off on a positive note despite the intensity and confusion our current astrology indicates. The New Moon that occurred on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 4 degrees in the sign of Aquarius marked the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) and was square to Uranus in Taurus at 6 degrees who just stationed direct on January 10 after about 5 months in retrograde motion. We’ve got Venus and Neptune Conjunct & Mercury moving into shadow. Clarity is available but will be hard to come by. You gotta grind for it. Facing … Continue reading Shadow Work: Aquarius Season New Moon Personal Tarot

2019 YEARLY TAROT FORECAST (My Personal Year)

Hello All! I created this spread in for my Solar Return (birthday). It can be used as a yearly spread or for your solar return or for the calendar year. This particular reading is my breakdown of 2019 (I mistakenly deleted my card pulls for my solar return before completing the interpretation.. go figure). I’m still making notes regarding the planetary transits which will of course have strong influence on each of us this year. So far though, here’s what my 2019 will likely look like… (click here for a breakdown of this spread) Conscious Self: Page of Swords(rx) Seeking … Continue reading 2019 YEARLY TAROT FORECAST (My Personal Year)

New Foundations Love Reading 10/20/2018

Click here for a breakdown of this tarot spread Wild Unknown Tarot Deck Overall Energy: Daughter of Wands (rx) Motivations: 2 of Pentacles / Daughter (Page) of Cups (rx) Challenges: Daughter of Pentacles / 5 of Cups Hopes: XVI Tower / 7 of Wands Point of Conflict: Ace of Wands Advice: The Star Unknown: 6 of Wands Outcome: Mother (Queen) of Wands     Continue reading New Foundations Love Reading 10/20/2018

Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious

I am going to be journaling on these questions and then pulling 2 tarot cards for each question for the remainder of the month. Kelly Ann Maddox, this was a great series of questions to think on, and I’m excited to share many recent insights with my readers 🙂 How judged do you tend to feel on a daily basis? Explore how much of that perceived judgments is real and how much is imagined. As someone who often feels and fears being misunderstood, judgment is a prevalent issue in most of my interpersonal relations. When people misunderstand my intentions for better … Continue reading Shadow Work Questionaire – Stream of Conscious