Daily Tarot: March 23, 2020

A necessary and yet unpleasant decision is being held up by someone’s refusal to communicate thoughts and perceptions or ask important questions. I sense there’s a fear of abandoning a quietly sinking ship for unknown shores. Whether this applies to you or others in the environment, stalling will not prevent the coming change. In fact, avoidance is how a small hiccup becomes a #TowerMoment , no? Our advice is to pause long enough to see clearly our own perceptions, desires, & contribution to any issues. We may need to sacrifice pride, stubborn impulses, and stagnant connections for the sake of … Continue reading Daily Tarot: March 23, 2020

Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/19/18 – 3/25/18

NOTE: This week does seem a little heavy on the energy, specifically regarding communications. Undoubtedly, this is due to Mercury stationing retrograde mid-week. However, I am reticent to disregard either meaning of the Magician reversed due to the fact that it shows up twice clarified or clarifying cards representing tense or deceitful communication. Be mindful of your thoughts and words folks. Everything you think aint real and everything you want to say isn’t necessary. Decks used: Rider Waite-Smith & After Tarot Monday / Past: The World & Justice Reversed We’ve come to a turning point in our lives or chosen … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/19/18 – 3/25/18

Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/5 – 3/11

  We are  coming out of a period of conscious introspection most likely during a period of solitude or brought on by a period of acute loneliness.  Now, we’re facing our new beginnings, many of which we were initially optimistic about with a sense of trepidation due to the delay in seeing a result or harvest for efforts already made.  Unconsciously, some of us are allowing impatience or uncertainty surrounding our circumstances or the energies and intentions others in our environment get the best of us due to lack of confidence in chosen ventures, whether creative, financial or emotional. Right now, though is … Continue reading Weekly Tarot Forecast 3/5 – 3/11

There is no feeling more heavy…

… than the weight of carrying your old self around in search of the new within you. There is no task more daunting and yet more necessary and more powerful than acceptance in the face of that discovery. NO act is more important on a path to authenticity than letting go of the old you to embrace what is now. Each day, I rise to be, my spine protests the weight of memories, regrets, and hopes without expectation, misconceptions, miscommunication, and missed chances. I dust my shoulders in tandem with time. Continue reading There is no feeling more heavy…