Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

As we set out to relearn health, security, family, what it truly means to nurture and heal, what it means to be interdependent, I’m drawn back to my Full Moon in Virgo tarot reading. As we set our intentions for the new moon and adjust to the sense of forced isolation in the interest of healing, let’s look back on what’s come up for reevaluation and restructuring the last 2 weeks.
The spread I used for this moon, was created by @awitchalone on Instagram and was originally intended for the Leo Full moon specifically, but the questions are so fitting for full moon themes in general that I’ve decided to use it more regularly in my personal readings.

“We are no longer compromising who we are for what we want.” – Amber Khan
I will RELEASE this: Strength (reversed)
I will ACCEPT this: The World (reversed)
I will LOVE this: 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
I will WORK with this: The Devil
I will RESOLVE this: The Lovers
Deck Bottom (Overall): 10 of Cups Continue reading Shadow Works: Full Moon in Virgo Personal Tarot

Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

This month promises us relief in the form of genuine connection that comes from honest and ruthless self reflection. Highest Hopes: Page of Wands (rx)Problem: 6 of Pentacles Questioner: 9 of Cups (rx)Decreasing Influence: Page of Cups (rx)Current Situation: 2 of SwordsIncoming Influence: The HermitQuestioner Towards Problem: 3 of WandsEnvironment: The HierophantInner Emotions: 8 of CupsOutcome: 10 of Cups Deck Bottom (Additional Info): 8 of Pentacles (rx) You can read more on the astrology for this Full Moon on Zodiac Poetry Astrology .com   This moon cycle is revealing to us all where our energy, resources, and emotions are being … Continue reading Full Moon 19° ♍Virgo 3/9-10/3020

March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Past: Page of CupsPresent: Queen of SwordsUnknown: The Chariot (reversed) Motivation: TemperanceEnvironment: The LoversAdvice: 3 of DisksOutcome: 7 of Wands (reversed) Overall: The Devil & The Hermit (both reversed) We’ve matured beyond emotionalism and naiveté and though our intuition and sensitivity still serve us, now we have sensibility, discernment, and communication skills to assist us. March 2020 rolls in with a reminder that our mind is our strongest ally when plans are wayward and distractions abound. When our emotions have gotten the better of us or clouded our judgment, practicing non-attachment brings us back to balance. This month rolls in with clarity … Continue reading March 2020: Week 1 Tarot Forecast

Sunday 02/23/2020 thru Saturday 02/29/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week Four: 02/23/2020 – 02/29/2020 Past: Strength Present: Queen of Wands (reversed) Unknown: 3 of Chalices (reversed) Motivations: Page of Wands Environment: 8 of Wands (reversed) Advice: The Empress (reversed) Outcome: 9 of Pentacles DB: 10 of Chalices/ Hanged Man (reversed)/ The Hierophant/ 10 of Pentacles Someone’s not having fun anymore. There’s a strong “Mean Girls” vibe all over this reading. We come into the week having mustered up the energy and courage to act on our desires. Our self-control served us well in the past, but it seems as if this week we are losing the confidence to … Continue reading Sunday 02/23/2020 thru Saturday 02/29/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

Sunday 02/16/2020 thru Saturday 02/22/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week Three: 02/16/2020 – 02/22/2020 Past: The Fool (reversed) Present: 6 of Swords (reversed) Unknown: Death (reversed) Motivation: Page of Cups (reversed) Environment: The Hierophant (reversed) Advice: The Emperor (reversed) Outcome: 10 of Pentacles (reversed) DB: 9 of Wands “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose” –Yoda Foolhardy or reckless moves have been made and someone’s refusal to take responsibility for their part in an unpleasant outcome is causing a situation to drag on long past is expiration date. (6 of Swords rx) We come into this week having had a rude awakening concerning our … Continue reading Sunday 02/16/2020 thru Saturday 02/22/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

Sunday 02/09/2020 thru Saturday 02/15/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week Two: 02/09/2020 – 02/15/2020 Past:  4 of Pentacles (reversed) Present: 6 of Swords Unknown: 9 of Wands (reversed) Motivation: 10 of Wands (reversed) Environment: Page of Pentacles Advice: 3 of Pentacles Outcome: 6 of Wands DB: 7 of Wands (reversed)/The Devil (reversed) “To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clingings and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit. “ -Jack Kornfield Surrender is a major them this week as there are multiple cards showing up in our spread that indicate a need for letting go, for opening our hands, … Continue reading Sunday 02/09/2020 thru Saturday 02/15/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

Full Moon in Leo 20˚ February 9, 2020 Tarot & Astrology by AstreauxBytch

During this full moon cycle, our actions (mars) are motivated by how we feel about ourselves (Leo Moon). We are likely to be analyzing the various ways we express ourselves and how that is likely to reflect on us as individuals (Leo Aquarius axis). With the Capricorn stellium going strong, the responsibilities we choose to accept speak of what we value about ourselves and the world around us. Jupiter ensures that while our efforts toward safety security and abundance require consistency and practicality (and in the sign of the goat certainly not easy), the rewards for such exertion will be … Continue reading Full Moon in Leo 20˚ February 9, 2020 Tarot & Astrology by AstreauxBytch

Sunday, 02/02/2020 thru Saturday, 02/08/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

February Week One: 02/02/2020 – 02/08/2020 Past: Knight of Chalices Present: The Sun (reversed) Unknown: Five of Chalices (reversed) Hopes & Fears: Eight of Wands (reversed) Environment: 9 of Pentacles Advice: Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Outcome: 2 of Wands DB: The Star (reversed) We come into this week on a whimsical note having given or received forgiveness or a like expression of emotion or affection. Healing is indicated with the Knight of Cups. Knights are always in motion, learning mastery of their respective element through experience and experimentation. Moving forward at an emotional level (indicated by the suit of Cups) … Continue reading Sunday, 02/02/2020 thru Saturday, 02/08/2020 Weekly Tarot Forecast

Sunday 01/26 thru Saturday 02/01 Tarot Forecast

Past: Tower (reversed) Present: Wheel of Fortune Unknown Influence: The Empress Motivations: The Fool Others: 6 of Cups (reversed) Advice: The Emperor (5 of Swords) Outcome: The Lovers (reversed) Deck Bottom: Son/Knight of Wands This week’s reading is exciting! 6/7 cards are Major Arcana, (6 upright!) and we even got a jumper to clarify the advice. The possibility for breakthroughs is upon us and we have ample energy available to deal with it all. Forward movement and discernable progress are a priority at this time. Be careful that you’re not making changes just for the sake of change. If it … Continue reading Sunday 01/26 thru Saturday 02/01 Tarot Forecast

Sunday 01/19 thru Saturday 01/25 Tarot Forecast

Past: Tower (reversed) Present: 3 of Cups Unknown Influence: Death Motivations: Son/Knight of Swords Others: Hierophant Advice: 9 of Pentacles (reversed) Outcome: 5 of Wands (reversed) Deck Bottom: 4 of Pentacles Bow Spread from “The New Complete Tarot” Deck Used: “The Wild Unknown” It seems we come into the week dealing with the aftermath of avoiding an inevitable change. Whether it is conflict, an ending or an epiphany, it seems we’ve spent more than enough time trying not to face it. Someone’s hand may have been forced or simply a difficult situation was drawn out when it would’ve been easier … Continue reading Sunday 01/19 thru Saturday 01/25 Tarot Forecast