Leo Season 2019 New Moon Eclipse Predictionss

OVERALL Eclipse season always brings with it opportunity for deep change and energetic shifts. This one however is complimented by a higher than usual number of retrograde planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, & Chiron!!!) That means in addition to all the RE- words we typically associated with retrograde energy, we are also looking at what to release in order to progress on our evolutionary paths as individuals and as a collective. Let that old shit go folks. It is imperative we not make any impulsive decisions at this time as they might come with dire consequences as these planets … Continue reading Leo Season 2019 New Moon Eclipse Predictionss

September 2017 Tarot Forecast — AstreauxBytch

There will be the necessary upheaval and conflict that comes with asserting our truth and individuality onto the world outside us. Engaging in a healthy way is a testament to the growth that in many cases has been forced upon us. We are coming out of the cocoons of consciousness we’ve been incubating in and making space for what serves us and brings us joy by engaging active self reflection and releasing all that does not resonate without resentment. We can no longer stomach anything that insults or neglects our sense of self. This is the end of a new … Continue reading September 2017 Tarot Forecast — AstreauxBytch

September 2017 Transit Summary

Watch Sign-by-Sign Tarot Videos on my YouTube Channel! 9/5/17 Mercury stations direct in Leo, conjunct Mars & N.Node, trine Sun in Sagittarius & Uranus in Aries. Mars enters Virgo. Self exploration & expression may fluctuate as we become increasingly clear on the changes that have taken place within and externally as a result of the eclipse.  We are more certain of  who we are, why we are here and what in our lives hinders or encourages us on that journey.  Mercury and Mars conjunction requires us to speak authentically and follow up with action.  Saturn joining the mix demands that … Continue reading September 2017 Transit Summary

August 2017 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch

We’ve spent enough time considering the ins and outs of starting over and now the choice is upon us. There is a need to face up to our fears and proceed in spite of them. It’s past time to cultivate the new experiences, outlook and relationships you want and need to participate in for a fulfilling life experience. Don’t give up or self-sabotage when you make mistakes or fall short of your expectations. Mindfully engage the moments in which you feel fear. We must remind ourselves that everything we need to thrive is found within. Under the current astrological energy, … Continue reading August 2017 General Monthly Tarot by AstreauxBytch